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All About Shar'e

           Sounds of Shar'e, was born to be an artist. Born to Pastor Joseph and Gail Reaves Jr., on August 29, 1983, Shar'e grew to love music while growing up in Germany. She sang and danced to the tunes of Anita Baker, The Winans Brothers, BeBe and CeCe Winanans, and her favorite of all time, Christian Contemporary artist DeLeon Richards. Growing up in a Christian home, there were only 3 Genres of music played, Jazz, Christian, and Gospel. From singing in church and school plays as a little girl, to singing in front of thousands as a newly released artist breaking out on the scene in 2015, Shar'e is proving that she deserves her spot in the entertainment world. As a resident of Indiana, where she currently resides, Shar'e has not only made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, the fans love her.

           Signed to Gorilla Squad LLC in 2010, Shar'e was the only singer in the group, however, due to some irreconcilable differences, she broke off into a solo artist. With her first single " Cruisin' 38th" being released in 2015, she rose to the top quickly, as an immediate fan favorite, which has landed her a long list of credits. Following Cruisn' 38th, Shar'e released 2 hit singles, which can be heard in nightclubs and radio stations across the globe, titled " It's Poppin" and " Cloud 9". While she has continued her journey with music, she has also been known for hosting and is now the Executive Producer of her hit talk show, Up Close, Unplugged & Uncut w/ Sounds of Shar'e.

           Breaking the boundaries of being her own manager, Shar'e has managed to top charts on the Top 20 countdown on Trend City Radio in Los Angeles, CA. She was also nominated for "Best Female R&B Artist Award" in 2016, voted by the fans of Indiana. Shar'e is not only known for topping charts, ripping the runways, or rockin' out shows, but she loves giving back to her community, by hosting open mic nights during holiday seasons.

          Stay up-to-date with this original artist, as she continues her musical journey, and stay tuned to this official fan page for upcoming shows, concerts, tour dates, and much more. Sounds of Shar'e, is definitely a power to be recognized. Some say, she's a hidden treasure.

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