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Live Performance at Ode's. This is one of my favorite places, located in Indianapolis.

Rhymacide ft. Sounds of Shar'e

"No better feeling, than to do what you've dreamed of doing and have people appreciate, your gifts, talents nd ideas."


My 808 feturing Whodunit Beats. Major shouts out, to my two beautiful models, Kalenna B The Model of Bask In Your Style(my personal stylist) and the one and only Amber Hamilton. My Amby-Jamby. I love you both!

S.O.S. Marion County Fair Recap

At Wish TV for our exclusive interview with Lamont Stokes

Cloud 9

Remember the butterflies you got when you was crushin' on somebody? Just the hook on this track, makes you want to call them right now, and tell them you love them. Yeah, just like that!

Royalty ft. Sounds of Shar'e

I'm Gone

When you get tired of the same ole, same ole, and you feel as though you want better? This inspirational selection, will give you all the encouragement you need, to keep on going.

" This was such an honor to be asked to join this track. I am a huge fan of Royalty"-Shar'e

Fan Favorites

Cruisin' 38th, was the very 1st single, Sounds of Shar'e released, after announcing a solo career. Shar'e was signed to a label, in 2010 and decided that in 2015, she would launch a new solo project and hasn't stopped since.

Cruisin' 38th

It's Poppin'

Get ready to experience a Jazz fusion extravaganza. This top fan favorite, is a mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Jazz. By adding Dutta  to this track, it just sends it over the edge of raw funk, and raspy, 90's vibe.

" This is one of my faves because it has some of my favorite artists, and models in it" -Shar'e

Anything Is Possible

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